October 30, 2019

Stay Spooky, friends

If you know us at all, then you probably know that we LOVE Halloween! You can blame it on Buie. He grew up in a family that owned funeral homes, so it was pretty much inevitable that he would be in to all the spooky things – it’s just kinda worn off on Cara over the years, so now she is in it neck deep with him, lol.

Anyway, this is our favorite time of year – after Christmas of course – so this year we decided to really lean in to our “darker” side with some horror/Halloween/spooky themed shoots. These are just some sessions that we did for fun and to try and stretch ourselves a little bit creatively. It’s not the first time that we’ve shown our spooky side though.

A couple of years ago we took a bride to a haunted plantation home for her bridal session. Remember that? Check it out.

We even had the opportunity to revisit The Myrtles recently. It wasn’t for anything Halloween themed, but we had an absolute blast and worked with a great couple for their engagement session. We will have more on that coming soon!

For now, here is what we did for us! Happy Halloween everyone! May you all have lots of spooky-scary-creepy fun and may all of the houses you visit offer full size candy bars!

Spooky Shoot 1. This was our largest shoot by far. With a lot of elements and three models. We partnered with another photographer and a new friend, Victoria Arnold, and had a blast. A big thank you to everyone who contributed!

Location: White Oak Venue

Calligraphy: Paperglaze Calligraphy

Cake: Sweets by Sarah

Dress: Hers Bridal

Hair: @shelbynicholas12

Makeup: Brush Makeup Artistry

Chair rental: Grim Design Company





Spooky Shoot 2: We’ve photographed M.E. once before and loved working with her. She is always down for any of our crazy ideas, so on a whim we went down to the river at sunset and made some pretty cool images. Next time, we’ll be sure to bring the bug spray.

Model: M.E. Breithaupt @nomadic_cages

Makeup: @ashallenm

Spooky Shoot 3. This shoot was also kind of last minute and semi-thrown together. We live right next to a cemetery and we pass it everyday. We’ve always wanted to shoot there, and we finally did. We’ve worked with Andrew & Whitney before and love their look. We’re pretty excited with how these turned out too!

We hope you love our spooky pics! Stay spooky, friends!

Makeup by @Brittany Dye

Models: Whitney Caskey & Andrew Caskey

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