I am a wife to a handsome bearded guy and mother to way too many rescue animals. I secretly wish I could sing and dance, so you might even catch me bustin’ a move at your reception. Skinny Pop is my favorite snack food ever. Spanx, button down shirts, and gluten are my life-long enemies. My current favorite thing to shoot is emotion! I am a photojournalist at heart and I just love candid, unplanned moments. I kinda hate posing people for portraits. I would much rather tell you to sing or dance, or tell me a funny story so I can catch you acting naturally. Or just let it all happen and capture it as it passes. Before I die I really want to visit Italy, Scotland, and Beyonce!

But you can call me Buie. Everyone calls me Buie . . . even Cara.  One of my main goals in life is to make as many animal friends as possible. If it has fur or feathers then we are basically best friends. When I'm not feeding or playing with our menagerie, I like to create and to learn - from history to philosophy to religion to languages; I love it. People fascinate me. I also love movies. The more epic the better. I will completely nerd out with you over our favorite movies or series. I'm a huge dork and I gave up fighting it a long time ago. If you catch me at home I'm probably reading or watching something, but either way I'll have a ball of fur in my lap.


I'm Cara Beth!

This Is Us


I'm Brent.

Our Promise to You . . .

Wedding photography is what we were meant to do. And we love it!

So, we go above and beyond the "normal," for our couples, giving them the full benefit of everything we have learned in 20+ years of combined wedding photography adventures.

Because of that . . .

Our couples are relaxed and at ease on their wedding day. They feel beautiful and confident, ready to enjoy the day. And you will too.

When you look at your photos, they will put your back in the moment. Candid, real, and unscripted. Behind the scenes on your happiest day.

Your photos will feel like you.

The Buie Photography Story

(Or, why we do what we do.)

It was NEVER the plan to be wedding photographers.

In 2008 Brent and Cara Beth lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, and were quietly working on careers that had nothing to do with photography. Monday through Friday they worked 9-5's and on the weekends they hung out with friends, got caught up on household chores, and felt that sense of dread every Sunday night because they had to go to work in the morning.

But Cara had a camera.

Cara had always loved photography. It was a hobby for her. Anyone that knew Cara, knew her as the girl with the camera. And eventually, it happened: one of Cara's co-workers asked her to photograph her wedding. 

Cara agreed and roped Brent into coming along. As soon as the day was over and they got in the car to head home, they looked at each other and said, "We are NEVER doing that again."

Then there was another one. And then another one.

But since the last wedding, something BIG had happened.

Brent saw a photograph of his grandfather as a young man for the first time, and Cara suffered a death in her family - her grandfather.

Brent had never known his grandfather and seeing how much they looked alike was a shock. Likewise, Cara spent hours sorting through photos from her grandfather's life.

That was when they knew that wedding photography was what they were meant to do. It might sound a little cheesy, but it's true.

And it was an important realization for them! The photos they took, would someday be the thing that united family and friends in shared memories. So, they decided to get better. And they did.

They learned a lot in the next few years. Cara left her full-time job to be a photographer. Four years later they moved to Ruston and Brent joined her full-time.

"Starting over," after a move wasn't easy,  but they made it work. They thought is was important enough to make it work.

And that's why they are wedding photographers. They believe in it with everything that they have and they want to connect people to their past, their very best memories, and their legacy.

(They also think that it is really fun! But that's another story.)

Then they understood: photography is how we experience legacy. Photography connects us to our family, friends, and heritage in a way nothing else can. We can actually see the moments that make up a lifetime. And there are few events in someone's life more important than their wedding day.

Cara Beth & Brent on their wedding day.
(They are still accepting gifts.)

Here's another thing about us:

We love animals!

In fact, we rescue them whenever we can. It's like our thing. 

We also donate a portion of the proceeds from every wedding we shoot to an animal rescue organization. Because there just isn't enough room in our home to take them all . . . at least, not right now. 

The dream is to retire to a hobby farm with plenty of room, of course. But for now you can check out some of our rescues, past and present, in the
"Buie Family Album."

Buie Family Album

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