March 12, 2018

Morgan & Len: A Downtown Ruston Engagement Session

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Hello, everyone! Spring is right around the corner and your fun loving Ruston Wedding Photographers are back with a relaxed engagement session we shot in downtown Ruston, Louisiana!

We first met Morgan over dinner when she was looking for a photographer to help her out with her wedding day. As we talked about the vision she had, we wanted to make sure that we answered all of her questions and helped ease her mind with any concerns she might have. As it turned out, she was a little nervous about the idea of her engagement shoot. She knew the location that she wanted – downtown Ruston – and she knew what outfits she wanted to wear . . . but she wasn’t too sure about the whole posing thing. Specifically, she was concerned that the shoot might not exactly reflect the true Morgan & Len. Morgan had seen quite a few examples of engagement pics from a lot of different photographers. Or, well, at least enough to know that some of the “standard” poses might not be for her . . . or Len.

 And this is a wonderful example of why you should get to know your photographer! (And Client – It works both ways!)

Sometimes it’s very easy to forget that we take a lot of things for granted in our day to day lives. As a photographer it can be really easy to fall into a routine of  standard poses and standard sessions. After all, there isn’t anything wrong with standard. I mean, it became the standard because it’s popular right? But it’s not necessarily for everybody and if that is all that you do – again, as a photographer – your never going to grow. Now, it wasn’t that Morgan wanted to fly in on Pegasus and paint the town with rainbows, but she did want the session results to look  like her and Len. So we talked about it, and together we reached an understanding  about what they were looking for and then we applied our particular aesthetic.

Talking to Morgan about her concerns relaxed her a bit, but what really pushed it over the edge into total relaxation – as much as you can be while still awake, anyway – was that on the day of the shoot we included her son. In fact, it hadn’t really occurred to us to not include him. They are a family after all. It may be their engagement, but this is a big deal for their whole family. And we though he needed some pics to mark the occasion, too. We think that everything turned out pretty well! Let us know what you think in the comments. And if you are interested in talking to us about your engagement or wedding pics, we are just a short click away on our  contact page!

Engaged couple outside of the Dixie Theater in downtown Ruston, Louisiana.

Engaged couple and son in front of mural in downtown Ruston, Louisiana.

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