February 28, 2019

Louisiana Wedding Venues

First, let us be the tenth, or hundredth, or ten thousandth person to say: CONGRATULATIONS! Hopefully, you are taking a little time to enjoy just being engaged. Even if you have a “long” engagement, it’s still a pretty short time in your life. So don’t forget to smell the roses during your wedding planning journey. But odds are you’ve typed “Louisiana wedding venue” into your google search bar at least once.  Venues are usually at the very top of every newly engaged couples’s “To-Do” list. And with good reason; it’s like, kinda, sorta, maybe a HUGE deal. Not to oversell it or anything.

With that in mind, we though it might be beneficial if we listed a few of our favorites. Let’s get started!

North Louisiana Wedding Venues


601 Spring

For those of you looking for a either a modern or vintage feel, you don’t have to look much further than 601 Spring. Conveniently located off of I-20 in downtown Shreveport, the venue boasts two spacious ballrooms which offer a variety of wedding day options. The details in the Bishop Ballroom scream VINTAGE – think chandeliers, intricate woodwork, etc. – while the Grand Ballroom has a delightfully modern texture. The space is large enough to host both the ceremony and reception, but can be used for reception only without any problem. And of course, the staff at 601 have always stood out to us as being extremely helpful and knowledgeable. You can visit their website here.

The Remington Hotel

The Remington has several options for venue spaces, notably their Gallery, Royale Ballrooom, and the Remington Rooftop. The Gallery is at the top of the grand staircase in the lobby and is perfect for smaller, more intimate receptions, whereas the Royale Ballroom and Remington Rooftop are for those receptions when you just had to invite EVERYONE. The latter options are actually fairly recent additions/renovations to the Remington’s accommodations and both were worth the wait. The Penthouse Suite also has plenty of room for the bridal party to get ready and can be a great option for the couple the night of/before. Follow this link to give them a closer look.

bridesmaids in blue robes sitting on bed with redheaded bride in white robe

Silver Lake Ballroom

The Silver Lake is a venue that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend for anyone that wants to receive top-notch customer service. Their on-site staff have never been anything but professional and extremely helpful every time we have worked with them. Again, this is a venue where you have several options as far as variety of space size and feel – larger to intimate, modern to vintage. The outside of the Silver Lake is impressive as well, as it resides on the first floor of an older Art Deco style building that pairs rather well with an antique exit vehicle (just like on their homepage, lol, probably why that’s there). Here’s their site.

bride and father dancing at wedding reception at Silver Lake Ballroom

The Dixie Gin

Moving out of downtown Shreveport, we have the Dixie Gin. Again, we have experienced nothing but the best when we have worked with them. And it is definitely one of the more unique wedding venues in Louisiana. There are both indoor and outdoor reception and ceremony locations and the venue’s look is perfect for anyone that loves rustic but not necessarily barns. We call it vintage industrial, but maybe that’s just us. -Side note: we have nothing against barns, lol. – All in all, there is a very SOUTHERN feel about the whole venue, and we love it. Pay them a visit here.

bride and groom entering their wedding reception at the Dixie Gin in Shreveport, Louisiana


Ivy Vale Plantation

If you live in the area you are probably familiar with the Shadow House – a plantation home at 2529 hwy 531  – south of Minden.  Well, it has been completely remodeled. Everything from the grounds to the fixtures have been restored to emphasize the historic qualities of the venue while offering ample space for guests. It even has a new name, Ivy Vale, and we think it is definitely worth a look. Here’s their Facebook page.


Creekwood Gardens

Ok, so Simsboro wasn’t the first place you thought of when you read “Louisiana Wedding Venues.” But you should consider Creekwood Gardens if you love the forest. Or just the idea of an outdoor wedding. The entire property is covered with beautiful foliage – ferns, and shade loving botanicals – and there are indoor and outdoor accommodations available. Multiple location options for the reception and ceremony allow for good variety and there is even a bed and breakfast on site. Creekwood is organized around a large pond that offers tons of opportunity for photography and everything is within easy walking distance. We’ll just leave a link to their site riiiiiiight abooooouuut here.

bride and bridesmaids exiting dressing room in a line and walking amidst ferns and trees


The Norton Building

First let us say, that Dean Norton (owner) has been absolutely wonderful every single time we work with him. We really feel like his guests are a priority and he takes care of them. His venue is pretty great, too. Especially if you like downtown Ruston. The center piece of the building is a New Orleans style, paved courtyard ringed with second story balconies and plenty of covered seating. The Norton Building has both indoor and outdoor areas and a kitchen on site. You can find them here on Facebook.

smiling bride and groom standing before pastor on dais at the Norton Building in Ruston, Louisiana

bride and groom having first dance in the plaza with guests watching from balconies

White Oak Venue ***New Louisiana Wedding Venue***

We haven’t had the opportunity to shoot at White Oak yet, but it looks great. We definitely wanted to let y’all know about it. There are booth indoor and outdoor ceremony/reception options and a guesthouse is available for the weekend. Check it out. We can’t wait to pay them a visit.


The Meadow Wedding Barn

Ok, we get it. Eros may not exactly be world renowned for it’s stunning locations. But the Meadow Wedding Barn is an exception. If you like the barn look for your big day or even just a rustic feel, this venue just might be the ticket. There is plenty of room both inside and out and there are dressing rooms for both parties. The interior is large enough for a medium/large reception and the field behind the barn is a great outdoor spot for a ceremony. Give them a look.

wedding party standing outside the front door of the Meadow Wedding Barn in Eros, Louisiana


The Mansion at Red Hill

The mansion gives you that same first impression as the plantation homes in southern Louisiana. But without the long trip. We are talking long-driveway-over-a-well-manicured-lawn-past-a-small-pond-and-gazebo-to-the-large-columned-facade type of impression you would expect of an older, Antebellum home. It has a beautiful interior with ample outdoor space perfect for weddings of all sizes. *Side note, the master bathroom has the deepest bath tub we have ever seen. Just sayin’.* And, of course, the owners and site coordinators have never been anything but helpful and friendly. If you are looking for the grand plantation feel, you definitely need to visit their site.

redheaded bride with bouquet standing on the balcony at the Mansion at Red Hill

And that’s just in North Louisiana . . .

Like we wrote above, this is nowhere near “all” of the Louisiana wedding venues available to you. It’s just a few that we have worked with over the years that stand out in our mind. They all provide multiple options for their brides and professional service. We enjoy working with them and can’t wait to visit them again.

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