August 9, 2016

Reasons why we love a first look

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What is a “First Look?”

Well, it’s just that, a first look at your very soon to be spouse. This is a time for the couple to see each other RIGHT before they say their vows. It is a time set aside to see your significant other before the wedding ceremony and reception. This private time is just for the couple and maybe a photographer or two to capture the emotions that are bound to come. The first look can last 5 or 30 minutes, however long your wedding day schedule will allow.  Throughout the years, we have grown to not only LOVE first looks, but we HIGHLY recommend them to our bride and groom. Here’s why:


Why we love a first look:

1. MORE PICTURES! We love having a first look because it allows us one on one time with the bride and groom to make sure they get awesome pictures – and a lot of them! By scheduling a first look you are guaranteed to get at least a full 10-20 minutes (or even longer) with just y’all and us, your photographers! We can do some pretty great pictures in 10 minutes, I promise. On average, couples who choose to do a first look come away with 3 times as many pictures of JUST the two of them!
collage5preceremony-1962. CALM YOUR NERVES. Your heart is beating. You feel sick to your stomach because you are so nervous, but the second you see your best friend, your fiancé, your true love, all is right with the world. We’ve seen it a hundred times. You are NOT looking forward to standing in front of all of those people. “What if I trip on my dress?”, you think. But then you see your soon to be husband and nothing else matters. He tells you it’s all going to be okay and at the end of the day you’ll be married! That is all that matters! The first look is the perfect opportunity to get all of your emotions out and to talk about how you are feeling about the day. We recommend bringing a tissue. ;

preceremony-173 preceremony-175preceremony-177preceremony-1893. BETTER SCHEDULING. When you book your wedding with us, we will encourage you to schedule in that first look. Depending on whether you book 6 hours or 8 hours, we will still make time to schedule in your first look because after all it is YOUR wedding! We work with the couple and wedding coordinator to create your ideal schedule. Our goal is to get all of our pictures finished BEFORE the reception even starts, and a first look guarantees everyone will enjoy every moment of the party to follow. We absolutely LOVE seeing you walk down the aisle and go immediately to your reception without having to wait around for more pictures after the ceremony. It is possible! We promise!IG5A5094collage1
4. INTIMACY/PRIVACY. When you see your husband or your wife for the first time on your wedding day, it will be you and your fiancé, us (your photographers) and your videographer if you have one. That is all! We recommend that actually! Some couples choose to let their wedding party peek through a window, but that is totally up to you. Some brides even have a separate first look with their dad or their brothers! That is always super special. Dads and grooms alike love this private time because they can get all of their crying out of the way ahead of time without blubbering in front of the whole crowd.

This is also the perfect time to exchange gifts with your soon to be hubby or wife. If you wrote them a letter, don’t just deliver it via your best man, read it to her yourself at the first look! 🙂chrisjessica-136chrisjessica-137_bw
Our couples that are hesitant to book a first look because of a fear of making that walk down the aisle less special, let us assure you it does not. Most brides even say that they are so glad they chose to have a first look. If anything having a time with just you and your future husband makes the day even MORE special. After all it is YOUR special day. Why wouldn’t you want time with just the two of y’all, right?

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