April 9, 2017

Melanie’s Bridal Session: The Biedenharn in Monroe, LA

Photographers face many challenges. It’s true. One of the toughest is not being able to share our pictures from a bridal session when we know just how stunning a bride will look on her wedding day. And Melanie certainly did not make things easy for us in the secret keeping department! However, her seemingly effortless elegance and grace made her an exceptionally easy bride to photograph. She was a model model and her bridal session really served as a reminder for us how easy things can be when a client’s vision truly matches our own.


Bride in wedding dress looking back over shoulder with sunflare

When visions meet in a bridal session!

Melanie is the youngest of three sisters to get married in Ruston and we had the privilege of being a part of documenting each of their love stories. So, she put her experience to work.  She was a gorgeous traditional bride with one of the prettiest gowns we’ve seen!

Sometimes we help the bride choose the location of their bridal shoot and steer them in the direction of some of our favorite places. However, Melanie wanted to use a location that was new to us, and we are so glad that she did! The gardens at The Biedenharn Museum were absolutely amazing! Since Spring arrived early in North Louisiana, the gardens were at their peek much earlier this year. We hit it at the perfect time! The azaleas, tulips, daffodils…everything was just exploding with color! The Beidenharn did not disappoint. I secretly just want to move in. I want to set up a little tent right smack dab in the middle and call it a day. If I get cold I’ll just move into the greenhouse. I always feel most at home surrounded by plant life.

Once the stage was set, Melanie’s relaxed attitude and calm demeanor fed directly into our journalistic style. Some of the best moments happen when no one is planning! (Write that down, that’s the only life advice we actually know to be true!) It can be hard to relax on the day of the shoot, after all this is one of the major events leading up to the grand finale of the wedding day! And this is where all of the work you have put in – we’re talking to you future brides! – starts to pay off. Trust your vision and trust the vision of those you chose to help you on your journey. Do your research but trust. Your family, your photographer, your wedding coordinator, your florist – the list goes on – all want to do the same thing: showcase every last bit of your beauty!

Panoramic view of bride in wedding dress ascending steps to balcony Smiling bride with bouquet posing in front of decorative doors Bride in wedding dress on steps to balcony with train spread out         The long train on Melanie’s dress was fun to photograph on this gorgeous stairway!

Bridal session headshot of serious bride Smiling bride with bouquet and veil in conservatory Dramatically lit bride surrounded by foliage Demure bride inspecting veil in front of brick wall and garden gate Bride with bouquet posing in front of wrought iron garden gate Bride in garden looking down at tulips Bride walking by tulips in wedding dress Close up of bride's wedding bouguet Bride with bouquet in conservatory at The Biedenharn Museum and Gardens bride on bench with wedding dress train spread Bride laughing on bench during bridal sessionUnscripted moments . . . they’re pretty great.

Bride in profile wearing veil with eyes closed Bride poses with bouquet during bridal session Bride in wedding dress walks away down garden path

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