December 9, 2016

Luke: Senior Representative 2017 – High School Senior Session

We here at Buie Photography are happy to present Luke as one of our 2017 Senior Representatives! Luke’s senior session went really well and serves as a good example for guys on what to expect from a photo shoot. Of course, Luke made it pretty easy on us.  He is a true joy to be around and will usually make you laugh within minutes of being in his presence. We are thrilled that he will also be in Ruston next Fall attending Louisiana Tech as a Freshman! Congratulations, Luke! We know you will do great things!

Quick Tips for a PAIN FREE senior session – Guy’s Edition:

Yeah, guys,we get it. Spending the afternoon in a couple hour photo shoot is not always your idea of a good time. But, with just a few quick tweaks to the process you can get in and out in no time – and get some great pics along the way. (Plus this is a good way to earn brownie points with mom, your significant other, etc.)

-Be on time. – It sounds simple, and it really is, but simply being punctual – even if it’s just this once – will make a big difference!

-Bring a couple of different outfits. – This is usually where we start to lose you. You don’t have to pack your whole closet, you just need a few options. Luckily for you, changing shirts or adding a jacket can change your whole look. Wear one look to the session then just change as you go. It’s really that easy.

-Bring props. – Okay, you probably think that we are pushing it a little here after we got you to agree to the multiple outfits thing, but this is easy too! Anything can be a prop! If you play sports bring a ball or some equipment and your letter jacket. If you’re in the band, bring your instrument. Any activity you enjoy can and should be highlighted in your session. Just bring something you use everyday.

-Ok, last thing – these are the quick tips, remember – shave . . . or don’t. If you normally wear a beard or facial hair, then wear it to the shoot. If you don’t, don’t. And don’t try to fudge things with some sort of gray area stuff. Trim the beard or shave it off.

*** Bonus Tip ***   ***Bonus Tip***   ***Bonus Tip***

Your mother can over ride or adjust any tip, rule, or piece of advice that we give you.


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