July 6, 2017

Experience Ruston: CVB Head Shot Session

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Have you ever wondered how Ruston consistently draws so many visitors from across the region and why they all keep coming back for more? Answer: The generously gifted and extremely hard working folks over at the Ruston Lincoln Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau. (The cool kids call it the “CVB.”) If you have attended an event in Ruston that you truly enjoyed, then the CVB probably played a role in its production.  They invite, host, entertain, and clean up after festivals, concerts, fairs, and even vacationing families. For obvious reasons, Cara and I were pretty excited when they chose Buie Photography for their new head shot session.

Most photography sessions take place in the late afternoon or early evening hours to take advantage of the favorable lighting conditions. However, due to the hardworking nature of the CVB team – as referenced above – we decided to make this an early morning affair. As such, the day began as all productive days must, with coffee. We met at the new mural in downtown Ruston – because there could not be a more appropriate location for the CVB’s head shots – and after the coffee was ingested we set about having some serious fun.

Though most of the team openly professed that they were not professional models, I’m afraid that their images may come back to haunt them by challenging their amateur status. They absolutely killed it! And before I forget, I need to mention how much fun these guys are. Work hard, play hard, visit Ruston; That’s team CVB in a nutshell.

After we finished up at the mural, we moved back to their headquarters for a change of scenery and the magic continued. All things considered, it was one of the easier, and faster, head shot sessions that we have photographed. But again, with models like these, what else can you expect! Travis Napper – the lone gentleman in the group – even did part of our work for us by suggesting the pose for what turned out to be one of our favorite pics.* We loved working with the CVB and we love their new pics. Hopefully, we will get a chance to work with them again soon!

If you are interested in learning more about the Ruston Lincoln Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau:

You can check our their website at http://www.rustonlincoln.com/


You can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/experienceruston/


You can read their blog at http://rustonlincolncvb.blogspot.com/

There really is no excuse not to see all the cool things they are doing. I mean, seriously. They also have TwitterPinterestInstagram, and they are on Trip Advisor.


If you need new head shots or are interested in booking a head shot session, just click on our contact page and let us know! We would love to work with you!

the CVB team standing in front of mural in downtown Ruston, Louisiana bearded smiling man posing in front of mural for head shot session man with beard in blue shirt smiling woman with long brunette hair smiling and laughing for head shot session brunette in whit blouse smiling during head shot session long haired brunette standing in front of mural in downtown Ruston, Louisiana beautiful brunette smiling for head shot in Ruston, Louisiana brunette with ombre hair posing in front of mural in downtown Ruston, Louisiana brunette in black blouse smiling for head shot in Ruston, Louisiana smiling woman with black hair in light purple dress woman in light purple dress posing for head shots in Ruston, Louisiana group of five individuals standing in front of mural in downtown Ruston, Louisiana

*This is the pic Travis recommended. We think it turned out rather well! Don’t you?

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