April 12, 2017

Erin: College Senior Session:: Kiroli Park, West Monroe, LA

Erin contacted us via our website because she was graduating from Louisiana Tech and wanted a College Senior Session. Her last professional shoot was 4 years ago and she needed a fresh new set. Obviously, we were happy to oblige. But she got us thinking… why don’t more college grads take senior pics? It’s pretty standard to schedule photo sessions for maternity, newborn, high school graduation, and wedding; Why not college graduation? It’s a MAJOR milestone too! Right?!Blonde woman in blue dress looking over shoulder in greenhouse at Kiroli Park

So, here are just a few reasons why we think college graduates should take senior pictures:

  • You’ve changed since High School. Probably a lot. And probably forever.
  • Images from your session can also serve as your first head shots. *Note how Erin totally rocks this one in the pic above.
  • Your mom is gonna need a Mother’s Day present and a picture of YOU is the perfect gift. Print your favorite pic, pop it in a frame and BAM! You’ve got Mother’s Day in the bag!
  • We commemorate important events in our lives with photography. And this is important. And you are going to want to remember this!

Blonde woman in gold necklace and blue dress posing in front of tall wooden fence Blonde woman twirling in blue and red floral dress in wooded park headshot of beautiful blonde college senior woman beautiful blonde girl in blue and red floral dress senior portrait

Erin used her college senior session to do a few things: We got new head shots for her career, she brought her pup along and we got some fun pictures of the two of them hanging out, and she even mentioned updating her parents old frames! That’s three birds with one stone!Blonde woman in red dress kneeling on ground and petting smiling dog Dog with tongue out standing next to owner in red dress Smiling woman petting dog in harness and leash under ears

Now you know why you need a college senior session, so start taking notes.

Erin was super relaxed and great to work with, but our favorite aspect of the shoot was how Erin chose to make it totally hers! Well, hers and Rory’s. Erin’s pup was the perfect addition and she was as gifted as her momma in front of the camera! We love it when our clients take that extra step to truly personalize their session. Erin is a natural dog lover and their chemistry was undeniable. It made all the difference in the world to have them together. It is so much easier to capture someone’s authentic self when they are relaxed and in their element.

*Erin also has her own blog all about dogs! Follow the adventures of Erin and Rory at The Downward Dog. You won’t be disappointed!

Let this be your warning, College Seniors! Those high school pictures are not going to fly when you need to send a RECENT picture to your new boss. Make the call and let’s update your pics. College Senior Session headshot of blonde woman in red dress on picnic table College Senior Session headshot of blonde woman wearing gold necklace in front of tree Blonde woman in blue floral dress walking among foliage in greenhouse

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