Allison & Dylan Engagement Session

They weren’t looking for anything crazy, just something that fit their personality a little more than what one might call “traditional.” After spending some time with them – really getting to know them – we were able to create a look together that was not only fun to shoot but gave them the pictures they really wanted.

Did you see what we did with that one word in the paragraph above? The bold one? It’s also in italics? Yes, that one. “Together.” Communication is such an important factor in the outcome of any shoot that we just can’t talk about it enough. But we also don’t want to preach, so this will be brief: No matter which end of the photo shoot you are on – in front of the camera or behind it – you should be talking to the person on the other side. Let them know exactly what you think, want, envision, etc. Nobody will get their feelings hurt; everyone is there for the same reason: to create beautiful art featuring you! (We did that thing with the word again. Last time we promise.) Simply talking to one another can prevent the ultimate tragedy of receiving/delivering pics you just don’t love. Ok. You get it. End Sermon.

For Allison and Co. the look we eventually settled on was a little darker and featured abandoned locations prominently. This was not what Cara and I had initially predicted, but you never really know where any shoot might lead you until you spend some time getting to know people. We really enjoy – and pride ourselves on – getting to know and working closely with all of our clients. Ultimately we were able to capture them in a way that they felt truly represented them, and that is what is really important. That is what we strive to do with each and every couple we meet. Man, nothing beats giving clients pictures that they love. Not even queso.

Check out the pics we captured during their engagement session and let us know what you think in the comments! We are always wanting to hear more from our readers and we would love to hear your opinions and suggestions!

Bonus Pro Tip:

Don’t go roaming around other people’s property or abandoned buildings without express permission form the owners, including the city or state. Just sayin’.

woman in black dress with man in white shirt posing in front of white abandoned building with trees close up of woman's hands wrapped around man's waist and arm man in white shirt and black tie and glasses posing with woman in black dress with white collar man and woman in black and white clothing holding hands in front of white abandoned building and large tree man in glasses kissing brunette woman with jackalope tattoo on forehead brunette in black and white dress posing with fiance infront of abandoned wood building with tin roof smiling woman with tattoo hugging laughing man in black and white brunette with long hair and tattoo hugging man in olive green shirt brunette in black and man in green shirt sitting in front of abandoned free standing brick chimney couple posing for engagement session in front of dilapidated wooden house with tin roof engaged couple with foreheads together posing in black and white man standing close behind woman with their right arms out and interlaced fingers